IMM Financial Solutions Inc. We are the Source for your total Business Financing. From Accounts Receivable Factoring, Purchase Order Finance , Inventory Loans, Merchant Credit Card Advances, Letters of Credit, Commercial Equipment Leasing and Project Financing…we cover it all.
As your Commercial Financing Provider we carry several different lending products and we constantly update our programs to have the best products in the Commercial Finance World.
IMM Financial…Business Financing done right.


We Specialize in:

  • Bank turndowns
  • Business’s desiring increased cash flow
  • Business’s with historical losses
  • Business’s that have outgrown their current line of credit
  • Poor personal credit
  • Rapidly growing companies
  • International Receivables
  • Start ups

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Bank Financing

Bank Financing is consistently more difficult to get. Every day, banks are turning customers away because they do not fit the mold that they have set up for the borrowing clients. They will accept your deposits, but if you want to borrow, good luck. If they will lend to you, in most cases they will take a lien position on everything you own.Commercial Equipment Leasing | Commercial Equipment Loan | Commercial Equipment Financing

Accounts Receivable Factoring or Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts Receivable Factoring or Accounts Receivable Financing are terms that are interchangeable today. Technically there are subtle differences but for all practical purposes they are the same. If your company is not eligible for bank financing for a Line of Credit, then perhaps AR Factoring is the solution for your day to day cash flow needs.

Operating Line of Credit

If you company is looking for a true Line of Credit using all the assets of you company and the banks were not able to help, IMM Financial has ties with several Asset Based Lenders who may be able to assist. An Operating Line of Credit under these circumstances would basically be similar to bank financing but they would not have ties to your Operating Account that you would have for your daily deposits or check writing facilities.

Export Finance or Trade Finance

Export Finance or Trade Finance which it is also called is used when you have customers that are not in the same country as you are. These facilities are very useful if you have several customers in different countries. Our Foreign Accounts Receivable Facilities can advance up to 80% of the face value of your Foreign Receivables within 24 hours delivery of goods to your customer in many cases.

Purchase Order Finance or PO Funding

Purchase Order Finance or PO Funding can assist you if you have confirmed Purchase Orders with Creditworthy customers and you need assistance to bridge the gap between when your customer pays you and when you need to pay your suppliers.

Documentary Letter of Credit | DLC | Standby Letter of Credit | SBLC

Merchant Card Advance or Credit Card Sales Advance

Merchant Card Advances or Credit Card Sales Advances on your Merchant Account Sales are an option for many clients when they have a history of Credit Card Sales. This will open up a Business Loan for your company that can be done regardless of credit history or if there are other liens on your company.

Equipment Financing or Equipment Leasing

Equipment Financing or Equipment Leasing is a method of financing your larger operating assets enabling companies to spread the cost of their larger ticket assets over the life of those assets as opposed to large cash outlays when the assets are required. There are generally significant tax advantages to leasing as well, but be sure to speak with your tax professional when considering this option to make sure it is structured the best way possible for your business.

Documentary Letters of Credit

A Letter of Credit is often referred to as a LC but has several other names such as SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit), DLC (Documentary Letter of Credit) and BG (Bank Guarantee) among others. Many times suppliers will require you to have some sort of Credit Enhancement to assure payment of their goods. IMM Financial can assist with supplying your company with the required Payment Guarantees needed.

International Project Funding

International Project Finance or Project Funding is available for a wide array of Project regardless of location. Keep in mind these programs change often and quickly and nearly always require some sort of Good Faith Deposit once your Project has been approved.

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